The Wilson Revolve, formerly known as RipSpin, is the ideal string for big hitters who want maximum control and great effects!

The coating of this string is treated with a special low-friction additive (UHMW) which in addition to give a greater rotation of the ball, allows the strings to provide the necessary thrust and return to its original position after the deflection date from the impact with the ball. (snapback).
Spin, power and comfort derived from a unique blend of co-polymer material Long duration.
High spin due to the increased string movement and additive low friction.

The caliber 1:35 is ideal for mounting on the Wilson rackets with the Spin Effect tecnology.

caliber 1:35
Color Orange
Skein 200 Meters



REVOLVE 15 REEL OR WRZ906100 887768318000 ORANGE


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