Usb Fishing

Usb Fishing



USB Rechargable LED Light Flashing Twitching Fishing Lures Bait Electric Life-like Fishing Hooks Features: Durable, High quality. Can figh big and heavy fish. Anti-corrosion, can use for a long time. Life like, more easy to attractive to fish. 3D Fish Eyes: Big and bright eyes. 2 Steel Hooks, Stronger Power. More Stronger Bicyclic Rings LED flash light in dark, more easy for the fish to find it. Vibrate in the water, life-like swimming actions, more easy to fish. Rechargable with USB cable, several minutes to be fully charged. Size:As the Pictures Shown Diving Depth: about 5m or more. Charging time:about 15-20 minutes, do not exceed 20 minutes,do not Overcharged , or it will be burn Working time: about 50 minutes if fully charged. Package Included: 1 x USB vibrate fishing lure 1 x USB Cable 2 x Waterproof Plastic Plug

Product type: Fishing Lures


Usb Fishing Lures Led Electric Vibrate Charging Fish Lure Bait Hook Rechargeable


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