Trampoline With Adjustable Hand Rail – 48 Inch

Trampoline With Adjustable Hand Rail – 48 Inch


Product details

  • Heavy duty rebounding surface is safety; Excellent low-impact aerobic workout.
  • 48-inch-wide durable steel frame so that you can bounce comfortably.
  • 6-leg base frame and padded handle bar for sturdy grip and added stability.
  • Foam padded and adjustable handrail adjust  for extra stability.
  • Trampoline hexagonal shape
  • Health Benefits
  •  Stimulate the metabolism, reducing the likelihood of obesity
  •  Improve motor skills, confidence, coordination, sensory processing
  •  Aid lymphatic circulation, as well as blood flow in the veins of the circulatory system
  •  Trampoline exercise can strengthen bone density as well as muscles. Increased bone density
  • helps to prevent broken or fractured bones and osteoporosis
  •  Because a trampoline teaches muscle control and coordination, many children see an improvement
  • academically when regular use of a trampoline occurs
  • Trampoline workouts are ideal for men and women alike.
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor: Kids can consume extra energy/adults can do fitness workout/seniors can keep active with less strain on joints


Trampoline With Adjustable Hand Rail – 48 Inch


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