Laser Therapy Equipment

Laser Therapy Equipment


Product Specification

Model Name/Number LIS 1050
Usage/Application Hospital
Brand EME
Material ABS Plastic
Frequency 50Hz
Display Digiial
Power Supply 230 Vca, 50Hz
Double Delay Type 315 mA-T
Backlit LCD Display Graphic bw 240×128 Pixel
Length Of The Diode Laser Emission Wave 905 nm
Adjustable Treatment Time 99 Minutes
Adjustable Pulse Frequency 200 Hz
Pulse Duration 100 nsec
Pulsed Mode 100%
Output Channels 1
Isolation Class I BF Type
Risk Class 93/42/CEE IIB
Laser Classification 3B
Storable Procotols On The Internal Memory 50
Weight 4 Kg
Size 39 x 14 x 30 cm

Product Description

Cold laser theraphy machine. Very good results.


  • Laser therapy uses the effects of energy generated from laser sources (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation). The laser beam enters into the tissues and causes a biochemical response on the cell membrane and inside the mitochondria.

Main effects of laser:

  • Anti-inflammatory effect due to increased blood flow as result of vasodilatation.
  • Anti-edema action (many inflammation are accompanied by edemas) is due to the change of the hydrostatic intercapillary pressure,
  • Analgesic Action due to the increase of the threshold of perception of the nerve endings and the release of endorphins
  • Effects on the peripheral nervous system (analgesic and regenerative).
  • Effect of bio-stimulant and tissue regeneration.
  • Effect on the micro-circulation and on the blood veins: The laser entails an enhancement of the local microcirculation that includes the relief of local spasms of arteries and veins (that take place for example after a trauma or an inflammation), it determine an intensification of the blood flow within the nutritional capillaries.
  • Effect of photoenzymatic activation
  • Placebo Effect


  • User Manual in DVD 1
  • Laser probe MLA1 (25 mW) 1
  • Laser goggles 2
  • Interlock (security key) 1
  • Optional accessories ◊ pg. 64 Technical specifications ◊ pg. 72

Why LIS 1050

  • New Design Medical Italia.
  •  Easy to use: very clear and easy interface Fluence automatic calculation (Joules/cmq).
  •  Multilingual software.
  • 50 therapeutic suggestion.
  • Probe with automatic contact sensor (if the lens is close to the skin, it begins delivering laser).
  • Possibility to connect different laser probes (monodiodic or multidiodic up to a maximum power of 800 mW


50Hz ABS Plastic EME LIS 1050 Laser Therapy Equipment, For Hospital


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