Digisonic 1 and 3 MHz Ultrasound


Digisonic ultrasound equipment penetrates deep into the skin to emit heat and accelerate blood circulation. Although invisible to the eye and undetectable by the skin, the device emits micro vibrations that help the body to promote the absorption of essences, accelerate the metabolism and reinforce the cycle of regeneration in the skin.

Its equipment works in two frequencies, one of 1 MHz and another of 3 MHz, which allows him to be functional in treatments as much facials as corporal.

Promote product absorption.
It improves the regeneration of the skin.
Tonification of the skin.
Helps to deflate with its thermal effect.
Ultrasound is a new possible route in the localized treatment of cellulite, which has been undergoing satisfactory results.
Brand Name: Chungwoo .
Maximum power: 3 Watts / cm.
Timer from 1 to 60 minutes.
One continuous mode and three pulsed modes.
Four pre-established energy programs.
Dimensions: 29cm x 10cm x 24cm.
Weight: 4 Kgs.
Included in the equipment
Ultrasonic equipment.
Handpiece of 4cm of diameter of 1 MHz.
Handpiece of 2cm of diameter of 3 MHz


Therapeutic Ultrasound In Physical Therapy


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